Grateful Parents’ Gift Will Help Future Harley Students

Few parents declare that a school was so transformative for their child as to seem heaven-sent. But that's exactly what Harley School parent Debbie Kanner, mother to Aliyah, 16, and Zachary, 14, expresses.

"The Harley School was like a gift from God for us," she says. "As a lifelong San Francisco Bay Area resident who relocated to Rochester, I loved our new community, but my husband, Richard Couch, and I wanted a better educational experience for the children than what the public school offered. Once I learned about Harley, we'd drive by and I'd say to the kids, 'Someday you're going to go there!' Thankfully, they did!"

The greatest blossoming Debbie witnessed was Aliyah's. "She was quite timid when she started at Harley in fourth grade," she says. "Now, with the support of teachers and mentors, Aliyah's brimming with curiosity and confidence, is Key Club president, and is on the speech and debate team."

Debbie candidly shares the recession and a lengthy illness she experienced were financially challenging for the family. At one juncture, financial aid enabled the kids to continue to attend Harley, for which she remains profoundly grateful.

"I was accustomed to writing checks to support causes; being on the receiving end of others' generosity made me determined to remember Harley in our will. It's a way to repay Harley not only for what they gave our family, but to benefit future students, all of whom end up purposeful, conscious community members, intent on improving our world."

Continue the Harley Tradition

By including Harley in your will or other estate plan, you ensure more students can pursue a quality education. Contact Holly Beaston at or (585) 277-1116 to learn about your giving options.